Tsuki reiki Candles, Room Mists and Wax Melts are individually handmade and hand blended in my lovely home in Yorkshire.

Using my qualifications in Aromatherapy I decided to train in Candle making at the 'Soap School',  Huddersfield, West Yorkshire in 2016.

This has enabled me to produce natural aromatherapy candles which not only smell beautiful but also give you the therapeutic benefits of the pure essential oils. Each product is infused with Reiki energy during the production process too.

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The link between our senses and memory

Essential Oils can directly impact on your mind, body and spirit, which makes Aromatherapy a uniquely holistic modality. Aromas are sensed and analysed by a process called Olfaction.

As you inhale each essential oil, the scent travels to the hypothalamus gland within the brains limbic system. The limbic system controls the heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory and hormone production. When the limbic system receives signals from the olfactory nerves, it triggers an emotional, physiological and hormonal response.

For example, when you smell Lavender Oil, the chemicals immediately trigger your emotional brain to calm your nervous system and relax your muscles. These combined effects reduce your stress and help you to be calm.

The Ranges



The Calm Range is blended to bring you a relaxing, soothing aroma of Bergamot, Lavender & Frankincense.

Bergamot is a Top Note, which brings you upliftment, relief from anxiety & nervous tension.

Lavender is a Mid Note, which brings relaxation, calmness ,relief from insomnia & emotional imbalances.

Frankincense is a Base Note, which helps with an inability to relax, fear, stress and healing.

Foggy Forest


The Energy Range is blended to bring you an uplifting, cleansing aroma using Lemongrass, Lavender & Ylang Ylang.

Lemongrass is a Top Note, which brings you a boost of energy, reduces fatigue and allows a sweet, fresh aroma to fill the area.

Lavender is a Mid Note, which brings a calming, light, floral aroma.  It also brings the therapeutic properties of healing, relaxation & nervous tension.

Ylang Ylang is a Base Note, which brings an exotic, sweet and floral aroma. It also helps with anxiety, inability to relax and stress.

Fresh Flowers


The Love Range is blended to bring you a rose-like, mood lifting aroma using Clary Sage, Rose Geranium & Patchouli.

Clary Sage is a Top/Middle Note which brings you a herbal fragrance & relief from depression, fatigue, stress & exhaustion.

Rose Geranium is a Mid Note and brings the Rose-like aroma to this range, It also helps with an inability to relax, irritability & stress.

Patchouli is a Base Note and brings you a woody, sweet aromatic aroma. It can help with headaches, anxiety, depression & stress.