Meditation Groups are held throughout the year.
Live Meditations are held twice a month on the 'Wellbeing at Home' Group.

Meditation is the training of our minds to focus more fully and frequently in the present moment. We can practise meditation as much as we like in order to strengthen our minds, relax our bodies and calm our spirit. Meditation is like a seed. The more you look after a seed the more it blossoms. 

It can help you to release anything which no longer serves you, bringing a calm mind, good concentration, better clarity and relaxation of the mind and body.

Small Tsuki Meditations are held throughout the year along with workshops held in venues locally. Tsuki Wellbeing at Home, the monthly subscription group, provides live Meditations each month.

Buddha Statue

Monthly Meditation Workshops are held once a month at the beautiful venue, The Workshop, Flowers at 180, Mirfield, West Yorkshire.

These workshops are 1 hour long, and incorporate the unique combination of Aromatherapy, Breathwork Techniques, A Guided Meditation and a Reiki Relaxation Experience.

They are held on a Monday evening.

To book your space on our next group please

email: or message: 07801 534897