The ultimate scent to bring relaxation, settle the mind and promote healing.

The Calm range has been blended using the pure essential oils of: Bergamot, Lavender & Frankincense.

This beautiful blend brings you, relaxation, upliftment and healing.


Resealable pouch of 8 wax melts: Soy/Rapeseed sustainable eco wax


Sold with care card and information card.


UK Shipping via Royal Mail First Class.


Bringing you upliftment of your emotions, relaxation of the mind and healing for the soul.

It is the perfect calming scent to quieten the mind, relax, and help provide a good nights sleep. 

Place your wax melt in a suitable burner for a couple of hours before you sleep or after a busy day, to gain from the therapeutic benefits of this exclusive blend. (Dont forget to blow out before you sleep!)

Ideal for use during meditation, reiki, yoga or any relaxation or breathing practice and is beneficial for anyone who is feeling stressed, anxious or overworked.


Essential Oils

Only 100% essential oils are used in Tsuki products.


When lit, a soothing, calming & relaxing aroma will fill the room. The scent is subtle.



'I am calm, relaxed and peaceful.'

'Calmness washes over me with every breath I take.'

'Now I am calm, I stay at peace with this very moment.'



A sustainable unique blend of hydrogenated rapeseed and soybean oils.

With natural dried Lavender botanicals.

Bergamot, High Alpine Lavender & sustainable Frankincense essential oils.

Presented in a pure, white resealable pouch, which keeps your wax melts fresh.




Burning any product with a live flame can be dangerous, please place the wax melt in a suitable burner, on a suitable surface and do not leave unattended. 


Calm Range wax melts